How to make your own pump-and-spill bottles for your kids

The pump- and-spilling is back!

This time, you’ll need to make the bottles yourself.

Pump- and spiller bottles are so popular these days, and you can make a ton of them.

We’ve rounded up a few of the best pump-based popsicle mold recipes to make yours.


Baby Pop-A-Bottle Molds  The easiest way to make baby popsicle mold is with a little bit of imagination.

This one uses two pieces of plastic and a pair of wire rods to form a mini-pump.

If you’re making one for your own children, you can also make one for yourself by buying a pair from your local craft store or online.


Pump Bottle Strainer This DIY pump bottle strainer has a large circular opening and an open end.

It’s made of a plastic bottle that you can fill with water.

It can be used to make a whole batch of baby popsicles or you can pour water into the bottle to add some flavor to the popsicle.


Bubble Popsicle Maker These bubbles are made from a plastic bowl and a bottle.

When you pour the water in, bubbles pop out of the bowl and the bottle becomes the bubbling source.

This is the easiest pump bottle mold to make.


Pumpkin Pop-Mold A pumpkin popsicle maker is a little different than the others.

Instead of pouring water into a bowl, you put a bottle of pumpkin juice inside.

Once you’ve mixed it all together, the bowl fills with liquid and the pumpkin popsicles pop out.


Pump Maker with Strain Pipe This pump bottle maker has a drain pipe that allows you to pour the pumpkin juice into the bowl to make popsicles.

This pump bottle machine also makes a wide variety of popsicle varieties.


Pump and Spiller Bottle Molds These pump bottles have the advantage of being very portable.

Instead, you fill the bottle with water, pour the juice into it, and then pump the popsicles out.

You can use this pump bottle mould to make different kinds of popsicles and even make the bottle itself.


Pumpkin Bottle Maker With Bubbles In Bottle This is one of our favorite pump bottle molds.

The bowl is filled with water and then you pour it in.

You fill the pump bottle with juice, pour some pumpkin juice in and then pull the end of the pump off.


Pump Molds for Kids This is one pump bottle, bottle, and mold that can make just about anything.

You don’t need to buy a lot of them to make them for your children.

Just make the necessary cuts to make each one and cut out the holes for the handles.


Bubble Molds You can make bubbles in any of the bubbles in the bottles above, but some of them are a little more difficult to make in plastic bottles.

For this reason, you might want to use a bottle that has a small hole for the bubbles to stick through.


Pump Bottles for Kids These bubbles are great for kids to watch and have fun with.

If your kids like the pump bottles, they’ll be able to make their own pump bottle for themselves.

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