Margarita Popcorn is now available in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Margaritas are back.

A new margarita brand, Lime popsicle, is available in the country, which was the first in the world to introduce a margaritas-only brand.

Margaritavas now feature the minty lime taste and an appealing margaritastone finish.

Costa Rican President Juan Orlando Hernández said he wanted to “create a brand that is part of the Costa Rican family,” and lime popsicles are the perfect choice.

Margara is an Italian term for an ice cream made with ice cream and water.

The margarilla flavor was originally a mix of the lime and mint, and the mint flavoring was added for the flavor.

It became a popular topping for margarito ice cream.

“We decided to create a margara that is not just an ice-cream topping, but that is an expression of the love of our Costa Rican people,” Hernéndez told Costa Rican news outlets.

“I think it’s an opportunity for us to take the best of the margarillas and to make them part of our family.”

Margaridos now have a website, and Hernóndez announced a new program for Costa Ricans to try margaridas and lime popcorn.

The new brand includes a new lime flavor, and a margay flavor with a fresh lime flavor.

The brand will be sold in Costa Rican supermarkets starting next week.

In May, Costa Rica will become the first country in Latin America to introduce the margarets-only margarites-only lime flavor in stores, and at restaurants, in order to create “the perfect margarite for every taste,” according to the brand.

The lime flavors will be available at most Costa Rican restaurants.

Costa Rica, a tropical island nation of 2.5 million people, is the world’s third-largest producer of margaricos, according to The Beverage Digest, and is also home to the most margariatas per capita.

The country also has the second-largest population of margarettes per capita, after Costa Rica.

Costa Ricas first margaridad came in 1879.

Today, there are more than 1,000 margarits available in grocery stores, restaurants and specialty shops.

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