8 Reasons to Make Healthy Mini Popicles

It’s been a while since I’ve made a mini popsicle.

But with my kids being so busy at school, I figured this would be the perfect time to make a healthy mini popsicles recipe.

They’ll also be good for dinner!

I decided to make mini pops and then add some fruit to my homemade popsicle mixture.

But I also added some dried fruit, because, well, I’m a fruit-loving parent!

And then, a few extra ingredients for a good snack: fresh strawberries and fresh raspberries.

 It was a lot of fun making this mini pops recipe!

Here’s how I made mine: 1.

Make your homemade pops (recipe below).

This is a great recipe to make while you’re at work, at home, or even when you’re not at work.

If you’re working late at night, it’s perfect for snacks, but if you’re home late at work and want a little more time to enjoy your family, this is the perfect recipe for that.


Add fruit (recipes below).

You can use fresh strawberries, raspbberries, or any fruit you’d like.

You can also add a few dried fruits (salt, fresh peppermint, or ginger).


Mix your mini pops ingredients (reciper below).

If you have leftover strawberries or rasp berries, add them to your homemade mix.

If your strawberries or berries are not in season yet, you can add them during the week.


Store the popsicle in the fridge.

You’ll probably want to store the mini pops in a cool place, but it’s OK if they get cold.


Make the mini pop recipe (recipie below).

Here are some quick tips to make the best mini pops.

You may want to skip the strawberries or add some dried fruits to your mini mix.

The strawberries should be ripe, but you can also skip the fruit if you want to. 6.

Mix up your mini mixes.

I used fresh strawberries to make these mini pops, but I also had a bunch of dried fruit (fresh, dried, or canned) that I could use to make my own mini pops mix.

You could also use some of that fresh fruit, but that can also cause the pops to get a little bit runny.

To make the perfect mini pops at home you need to mix up your mix by hand, and this is easier with a mixer.


Mix and freeze your mini snacks.

I just put the strawberries, fruits, and fresh fruit in a small container and freeze them in a plastic bag until ready to use.

This is great if you don’t want to make your own mini pop.


Make a healthy homemade snack (recipient below). 8. Enjoy!

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