‘Gingerbread’ popsicle makes over $20K at a pop-up event in Boston

Pop-ups like these are becoming more common in Boston, thanks to an influx of new retailers eager to capitalize on the millennial wave of consumerism.

The trend has been picking up steam, especially in Boston.

Last month, a handful of Boston-based pop-ups opened their doors in downtown Boston to fill the void left by the closure of the popular Pop-Up Market. 

But these new pop- up spots have to make their money back on their first day of business, which is why the Boston City Council recently voted to prohibit the sale of pop-tarts and gummy bears. 

According to a letter sent by Councilmember Maria Quinones, “it is unlawful to sell or rent a vending machine, food dispenser, or other type of food vending device that includes a sugar pop or cookie cone in a manner that is likely to cause the owner or operator of the vending machine or food dispensing device to earn a profit.” 

In a city that has had a booming sugar pop and gumboot pop-upto-time industry for the past year, this move by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is likely a huge win for the local sugar pop industry.

The city council has said that it is considering several other bills in order to regulate the industry and to curb its destructive effects on the environment. 

With the number of sugar pop-ers growing in the city, the city council hopes that this legislation will stop the rampant sugar pop eating in the area and ensure that the city is keeping its sugar pop free of artificial flavors and flavors. 

The new laws are expected to be approved by the City Council in June, and they will likely be on the books in Boston for the foreseeable future.

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