How the New England Patriots got the most fudge, watermelon and orange popsicles in Week 17

When it comes to fudge and watermelon popsicle recipes, the New York Jets’ fudge-and-popsicle concoction was the most popular at Gillette Stadium.

The team topped the NFL’s fudge consumption chart for the second consecutive week, with an average of more than 5 pounds of fudge per game, according to the NFL.

And the Jets averaged nearly 7 pounds of watermelon, with a whopping 1.2 pounds of the fruit.

It all started in Week 1, when the Jets hosted the Seattle Seahawks.

The Jets were coming off their first win of the season and were in the midst of their first trip to New England.

So much so, the Jets were going to get the entire team together and put it all on the line.

In Week 1 at Gilminster Stadium, the players came prepared with a custom-made fudge pie and watermelons, according the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

The watermelon and fudge combo was the first time that a team has used the same pie recipe and the first one to feature both a watermelon slice and a watermelan pie.

The players also used the watermelon slices for their ice cream sundaes, according ESPN.

While that was the biggest surprise, the team didn’t end up doing much with their fudge.

They only finished the week with 1,000 calories, according CBS Sports.

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