‘We need to get back to work’: Trump slams the media, protesters as he urges Americans to ‘get back to working’

MSNBC “We need the jobs.

We need the economic growth.””

We are not going to win this war with our military or with our cyber,” Trump told reporters on Thursday, calling the cyberattacks on Sony a “political stunt” that has “no relevance” to American national security.

The president also attacked “the media,” saying that they are “wasting their time” and that “they have to get over this.”

The president said the Sony attack was not a surprise to him and the hacking attack is “not a big surprise” to him.

Trump was reacting to a statement from his National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, who said the attack was “not surprising” and was “more than likely” an inside job by Russia.

“We have to stop it.

We have to shut it down,” Trump said.

“It’s a political stunt by the Russians, by the hackers.

It’s a very, very sad thing to see, and we are going to have to do something about it.”

In the statement, Flynn also called the cyberattack a “state-sponsored” campaign.

“The Russian government directed the hack, a brazen and despicable act of war, aimed at the United States and our allies, and its consequences are clear,” Flynn said.

The White House later said Flynn had changed his view on the matter.

“While Mr. Flynn did not explicitly state this in his statement, he did say that the hack was ‘state-directed,'” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters.

The administration has not provided evidence that Russia was behind the cyber attack.

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