What does it take to be a penis pop?

People who are not circumcised are the ones most likely to be asked what it means to be “penis”.

But is there really any truth to the myth?

A new study suggests that, if it’s true, then some people might actually be more likely to experience a “penile eruption” than others.

The study, published in the journal Pain, tested the “penilaphobia” of 15 men and women aged between 30 and 49.

The researchers took into account a range of factors, including whether the participants had been circumcised and whether they had experienced penile pain before or after.

Participants who were circumcised were also asked about their own sexual history, including if they had had sex with a partner before the procedure and whether the experience had been painful.

They were also told they would be asked to fill out a questionnaire about their experience with circumcision.

The researchers found that among participants who had experienced the first episode of pain, there was a strong correlation between the number of penile eruptions and the number who said they had felt a penis eruption after the procedure.

Participant A, who was circumcised at age 18, reported feeling a “slightly painful” penis eruption within 30 minutes of the procedure, compared to participants B and C, who were both circumcised at 19.

Participator C, however, was also more likely than participant B to say they felt a “more intense” penis eruptions, compared with participant A.

“Our findings are in line with the commonly held idea that people with penile phobia are more likely for some individuals to experience an eruption,” the authors wrote.

“However, the majority of individuals who have penile eruption experience are not penile-exposed.”

The findings also suggested that people who have experienced a penis explosion are more sensitive to the pain, which may be why the researchers were surprised to find that participants with more intense penile stimulation experienced a more intense response to pain than participants with less intense penis stimulation.

The authors said they were “excited” by their findings, but stressed that more research is needed to better understand the phenomenon.

“These findings are a first step in developing a more accurate diagnostic tool to help identify penile dysphoria,” they wrote.

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