How to avoid the glitzy Seoul Pop-Up Popcorn Festival

Glitzy pop-up popsicles are on the rise in South Korea, with the country boasting a whopping 2.2 billion pop-ups in 2017, a rise of more than 50% compared to the previous year.

The country also had nearly a billion pop ups last year. 

In a bid to bring the country’s pop-culture industry back to life, South Korean pop-sicles company Kpopstarz is planning a pop-out event on the Seoul Pop Festival that will be open to the public.

The pop-pop festival, which is held every March, is a joint venture between Kpop star group BTS, which was the only group to take part in last year’s festival, and the Korean pop artist agency Hani.

The event is scheduled for March 23 to 25 at the Seoul International Convention Center.

The venue, which has been designated for the event, is currently being set up with the assistance of an experienced company that specializes in pop-themed pop-toys, and has a number of specialty shops that specialize in pop culture products, including Kpop stars products.

The shop, called Pop-Pop Factory, is located in the same building as the Seoul Festival venue, and is set to open on March 25. 

Kpopstarx and Hani have partnered up to create the Pop-pop Factory to cater to pop-star fans of the BTS group. 

The pop-pops festival will feature a variety of popular Kpop artists, including artists from BTS and the other Kpop group, Big Bang, along with pop stars from other K-pop groups and popular pop singers. 

Hani, which owns the Poppop Factory, will be supplying the pop-stuffed pop-tops with all of the popular K-Pop artists. 

Pop-pop fads, such as fad eating and dieting, and popular trends such as shopping for new underwear, makeup, and even hair products, are popular topics for pop-artist fads and fads that are popular in South Korean society. 

With all of this excitement, Kpopstars pop-stars are now trying to make pop-food-themed popsicles to take full advantage of the festival’s popularity. 

“I hope that we can take advantage of pop culture’s pop culture and make them more popular,” said BTS member Kang Hyun-joon during an interview with the KBS television program “The BTS Morning Show” earlier this week.

“I think pop-Pop Festival is the perfect event for us, because it’s all about the pop culture, so we can really put a pop food flavor into the pop pop popsicles.” 

BTS, Bigbang, and their peers are also known for their extravagant pop-fame, and are known for having large pop-art installations, like their famous “Love Yourself” pop-project, which depicts the characters of their popular group members with large paintings of their faces. 

Bung Ho and the B-Towns are also familiar with pop culture fads such as the popular “Movies That Make Me Happy” pop culture trend. 

At the Pop Pop Festival, K-Kpop stars will have the chance to purchase a pop pop pop snack for only 50,000 won ($40). 

At a booth at the Pop POP Festival, BTS members Kang Hyung-joo, Jung Ho-jae, and Kang Min-hee, who are also members of the KpopStarz pop-group, are preparing the pop pops. 

During the PopPop Festival, fans can expect to see the likes of BTS’s BTS Popstarz, which includes a poppop shop, and Hae Min-su’s Hani Pop Popstar, which offers pop pops, but with a healthier option. 

While pop-music fans have a strong affinity for pop culture in Korea, pop-cultures fads are on a growing trend in the country, as well as across the world.

In 2017, the pop industry saw the release of more pop pop-crazed fads than any year prior.

In March, KPopstarz was awarded a global celebrity of the year award for their pop-centric pop-events. 

For more information about pop culture trends, pop culture events, pop fads in Korea and beyond, visit pop-cultural 

This post originally appeared on the K-Town blog here.

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