The best things to do in Israel in August:  Creamsicle, popsicle and ice cream

The best thing to do, after all, is to take your pick of the few dozen or so flavors of these three types of ice cream that are on offer.

I found myself looking for something with the sweet flavor of vanilla ice cream, but the smooth texture of cream or the salty flavor of mint or the creamy texture of chocolate. 

 The main thing that stood out to me was the cream, which was very rich and creamy.

I think I’ll be looking for more of this flavor in the future.

There were no artificial flavors or colors, and there was no artificial preservatives.

They all had a pleasant vanilla flavor, and the flavor of the cream came through with a hint of chocolate and chocolate creaminess. 

I also noticed that the minty flavor of chocolate cream came out with a little hint of mint, which is a pleasant surprise.

 The mint flavor was very much the flavor that I expected from the cream and mint ice cream.

It was sweet, and not too strong.

The mint cream is very nice, too.

The cream was creamy, but it was not overwhelming.

The texture was soft and light, not too stiff, not thick.

I really enjoyed the mint and cream flavor, even if it was a little bit on the harsh side.

The only other thing that caught my eye was the mint, and I think it was quite pleasant.

It came out in a light, smooth, creamy kind of way.

It did not have that sharp taste of mint.

It tasted very minty, and it had a light and clean taste.

I thought the flavor was good, but I think the mint is one of the more complex flavors out there.

There is no cream flavor in this flavor, but there are a couple of other flavors in there, which I like.

The flavor is very good and I would definitely recommend it.

I can see why this flavor is so popular.

The other flavor I liked was the creamy mint, but that is probably the least interesting flavor.

The creamy mint flavor came out very light and soft, but still a nice creamy flavor.

It has a little tang to it.

It also had a little mint flavor, which also had some nice minty notes.

It wasn’t overpowering, but at the same time, it didn’t have that salty taste.

I thought that was pretty nice.

It had a nice smooth texture.

It didn’t really taste like cream or anything, but like ice cream cream. 

The last flavor that stood me out was the chocolate.

It is a little softer, but not too soft.

It comes out a little more chocolatey, but again, it’s not too chocolatey.

I like the chocolate flavor a lot, but maybe it’s because it’s a bit less sweet.

The chocolate flavor is quite nice, and a nice touch to the cream.

The whole thing is smooth, and has a nice creaminess to it, but its not too creamy or salty.

It’s just a nice chocolate flavor.

I love it, and would definitely buy this again.

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