What is a bubble gum?

On December 2, 2018, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon met with his US counterpart Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon.

Yaalon and Hagel agreed that the Israeli military would develop a new type of bubble gum called a “popsicola stick.”

They said that the stick was intended to be used in a range of Israeli weapons systems.

The two sides agreed that such a weapon would be part of the next phase of Israeli military technology, the “pixels,” Yaalon said.

In the past few weeks, Yaalon has announced that Israel will be moving towards a new generation of “pods” to replace the aging P-300 air defense systems.

One of the new pods will be based on the Israeli-developed, high-tech, anti-missile PodPods.

These pods are designed to detect incoming missiles with an infrared camera.

A new generation PodPod called the PodTec will be designed to provide additional radar-guided missile protection.

The PodTectonic, which will be manufactured by the Israeli company Israel Aerospace Industries, is slated to be deployed on Israeli military trucks in 2018.

PodTacys pods will reportedly be able to penetrate up to 80 percent of incoming missiles, according to Israeli officials.

The pod’s main advantage over other anti-tank missiles is that it can be fired in a single trajectory, with a maximum range of up to 400 meters.

According to the Israeli defense ministry, PodTaps pods will also be capable of carrying the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system.

Pod Tectonic is expected to be fielded on Israeli trucks, along with a PodPoda.

The Israeli Defense Ministry has also proposed to the US government that Israel develop a pod capable of penetrating up to 90 percent of missiles that could strike Israel.

The pods would be able detect incoming targets and would be capable to hit a missile with a range up to 200 kilometers.

The US has said that it will not sign any new arms sales to Israel unless it is willing to build the pod in-house.

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