PopSicle is now a pop-up shop

PopSicles has come to life.

The company, which has opened stores in cities around the country, is opening a pop up shop at the Pompano Beach Fairgrounds on Saturday.

The PopSiculars store will sell everything from popsicles to ice cream, candy and fruit flavors, said Jessica Ritter, who works at the pop-ups in Pompana Beach.

She said it will be staffed by volunteers.

She expects it to be a busy weekend for the pop up.

Ritter said she plans to sell her favorite popsicle flavors, which include mango, pineapple and banana, and is hoping to draw in some tourists from the Orange County area.

She said she’s been buying popsicles for about six years and started with the original one in 2015.

“It’s always been my passion and I’m so grateful to the PopSig community for being here and making this happen,” she said.

“I’m hoping it will really be a way for us to connect with the customers and just see if we can find something for them that’s really their passion and their favorite.”

Ritter works at PopSigs and said she likes the fact that they are bringing pop-top popsicles into the real world, instead of just a fancy pop-pop.

She also likes that she can’t just buy a popsicle and hope to sell it.

“The fact that you can actually get something from the store and then have it delivered is really awesome,” she told NBC News.

“When you get the food out of the cart and the pop popsicles come out, it’s a really cool experience.”

Rittger said the Pop Sicles have become a real-life business for her.

“People are really excited to see this happening and it’s going to help our customers get excited about going out to restaurants,” she added.

The company, PopSeeders, is one of the biggest pop-selling chains in the country.

It is owned by PepsiCo, which purchased PopSeeds in 2016.

PopSugar, which is owned and operated by the same parent company, was launched in 2013.

PopCubes, a spinoff of PopSells, debuted last year.

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