When Bolis Popsicles Will Be the Next Big Thing for Sports Soda Brands

By Nick SagerThe latest Sports Soda trend to hit the market this year is the Bolis Popicle.

The new beverage is designed by PopCap, a company that specializes in sports drinks.

It comes in three flavors, a fruity  (Cherry, Strawberry and Lime) and  a  ginger  pop.

PopCap says the Popicles are the “next big thing” for sports soda brands.

The PopCap Boli Pop-a-Liquids, for example, are a fruities-flavored  and  geyser-laced  dessert, and they will be available to consumers across the U.S. in August.

The  company is working with the Coca-Cola Company to produce a similar beverage, which will come in three sizes: small, medium and large.

These are also designed to appeal to younger and middle-aged consumers.

It’s a great start for the company, which has been developing sports drinks for years, said PopCap CEO and CEO Steve Puzder in a statement.

“Bolis has a long history of creating high-quality sports drinks and we’re excited to work with the Coca-Cola company to bring this innovation to consumers in the coming months,” Puzders statement read.

The pop-tart drink is a  gorgeous way to enjoy a cup of iced coffee, Puzsider said.

A similar drink called Bolis’s Sporty Pop, a iced ice-cream flavored  cup, will be available in the U!s August.

It’s made from coconut and a sugar syrup base, which is a blend of the sweeteners  aspartame and xtra-Sweet  from Xtreme Foods.

CocaCola is working with PopCap on a range of sports-related  products, including  coffee and iced tea.

The company also owns  the Boli brand, and has been testing a range of sports drinks and ice cream flavors to create a sports pop line.

While sports drinks are gaining in popularity, some companies have been focusing on the icecream flavor, especially those with ice brands like Ice Cream Creme, Chocolate Chip and Pomegranate.

This summer, Ice Cream Creme and Chocolate Chip are available in select Brisbane locations, while Pomegrange and other iced drinks will be on sale at Kiwi’s Supermarket.

In addition to sports sodas, other ice colas have been coming out.

Fancy Ice Cream , made with Citrus Açaí fruit, is now available in a range that ranges from iced to juice, and it’s the second ice cola to come out of PopCap’s Bolsa Pop brand.

Puzsiders Ice Cream is available in Ice-Cream-Lites and Ice cream-Lite, which range from ice to ice and are similar to Ice Creme.

Ice Cakes  also are now available at Kiwis Supermarket, and a Cake Creme is also available in Kiwanis.

Another ice cola is Ice Pomegranates, made from Mango and Apple.

Bolsonaro is also coming out with Ice Citrus and Ice Cream Crescents.

And the next big thing?

Popcap says Ice Fruits and Liquors will come out in July and August, and they are also launching Ice and Crescends as a range.

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