Why Are These All-White Popcorn Cakes So Bad?

They’re delicious and they taste good, but the ones I’m eating right now are all white.

Cake lovers rejoice, because all-white popsicles are finally making their way to the shelves.

I was recently asked to review a handful of them, and the results were surprising.

While the flavor is sweet and fruity, it’s actually very, very, bad.

The flavor of this all-whitened version of a sweet dessert is bland and bland, and it’s hard to get a good flavor from the entire package.

It’s like the original version of an All-White Chocolate Popcorn Cake.

As the picture below shows, this is just a sample of a few flavors of the cake.

If you’ve ever been to a bakery and tried to try all-black popcorn cakes, you know what I’m talking about.

All white popcorn cakes are so bland that you’d think the flavors were just added just to make them seem more appealing to the customer.

Not true, and they’re bad.

The taste is not bad, but I wouldnt recommend them to a newbie, either.

They’re not as bad as the original versions, but you’re going to have to spend more time in the store before they taste like the originals.

A little bit of experimentation is always a good thing, and all- white popsicles really aren’t the best alternative to white chocolate popsicles.

That’s not to say that you should just throw a lot of money at these, but at least try them.

Get your fix from a company that’s not just making popcorn cakes, either!

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