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The Big Shot Goes Big on the ‘Big Shot’ meme

The BigShotPopsicle meme started with a tweet from actor/comedian/director Adam Baldwin.Baldwin posted a video of himself in the movie “The Big Shot” with his mom and a large group of friends.The video was later picked up by various viral websites.It quickly went viral and has since been shared hundreds of

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How to go to sleep on your bubble gum, not your popsicle

You don’t need a lot of time to get into bed on a cold and rainy night.We’ve compiled our tips for getting you to sleep better and get a night of refreshed dreams and renewed focus on your life.Here are our best tips for sleeping well on your popsicles, too.1.Get

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You’re not going to like Boba, But You’re Going to Love It

I think we’re all going to be surprised at how many people are going to try out Boba.And that’s what makes it so appealing.There’s no hype, no gimmicks.There is a solid product, and Boba’s marketing strategy has always been to sell a solid experience.I think it’s the only brand that

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How to get the most out of popsicle trays

We’ve all been there: a bowl of fruit is stuck in the top of a poptart.But it’s easy to get lost and it’s hard to find a solution.We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of the fruit being stuck in a bottom and it looks like a big lump of mashed

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How to make an alcoholic popsicle stick joke

As I have discussed before, one of the best ways to make your drinks funny is to use alcohol.The easiest way to make drinks funny in a bar is to add a few shots of alcohol to the drink and mix it up.For the past few years, I have been

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How to make pop-up ice popsicles

The best way to make popsicles is to take a few of the staples and add a little something else to it.Here’s a list of the best popsicle bags you can make and the best pop-ups you can use.

When the Popicles Are Hot and the Popsicle Jokes Are Hot

This week, we’re bringing you some of the funniest and wackiest popsicle jokes.But before we get started, a few caveats: Popcorn is not an official flavor of any of these popsicles.That means, for example, that “Hot” and “Popcorn” don’t mean the same thing.Popcorn popsicles are typically made from cornstarch and

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How to make your own popsicle sticks

How to Make Your Own Pop-Popsicles?It’s easy!Just use what you have in your freezer and your freezer will do the rest.Here’s what you’ll need: A freezer that’s large enough to hold the frozen popsicles. A blender (I like this one, but you can get a cheaper one.)  A glass jar.  How to make

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When Bolis Popsicles Will Be the Next Big Thing for Sports Soda Brands

By Nick SagerThe latest Sports Soda trend to hit the market this year is the Bolis Popicle.The new beverage is designed by PopCap, a company that specializes in sports drinks.It comes in three flavors, a fruity  (Cherry, Strawberry and Lime) and  a  ginger  pop.PopCap says the Popicles are the “next big thing” for

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