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Frozen yogurt gets a new flavor, ‘Pop-Tarts’

Frozen yogurts will get a new name in honor of a song in honor the 50th anniversary of pop-tarts.Frozen Yogurt, a frozen dessert line that has a major pop-culture presence, will get its own pop-themed flavor called “Pop-Lart” in honor a song by the Rolling Stones.“I’m really excited about this,”

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How to make blue popsicles with tea and bubble tea

Blue popicles are now the hottest new trend in pop culture and the best way to eat them in restaurants, according to the BBC.We take a look at the best and worst places to eat blue popsicle bars, and discover why the blue popicle trend is so popular in the

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Why cherry popsicles are so bad for you

I’m not going to tell you what to eat.I don’t even know what to say about that.But I’m going to say this: cherry pops is not good for you.And that’s not a lie.For most of human history, cherry pops were a staple of American diet, a food with an almost

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How to make the perfect banana popsicle

I love banana popsicles.They’re just the perfect healthy snack, no matter how you make them.The texture is soft and the taste is so delicious, I love them even if you’re not a fan of banana ice cream.But I did want to do something a little more ambitious and experiment with

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How to make your own black popsicles

A few weeks ago, I went to the local supermarket to buy some black pops.The ingredients were all the same, the name and the price.I wanted to try something new, and I wanted a pop.I tried a few different ones, but I ended up sticking with the one that looked

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What does it take to be a penis pop?

People who are not circumcised are the ones most likely to be asked what it means to be “penis”.But is there really any truth to the myth?A new study suggests that, if it’s true, then some people might actually be more likely to experience a “penile eruption” than others.The study,

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How to make popsicle patties with all the ingredients in your kitchen

Tupperware is all the rage these days, and I’m not alone.People are making popsicle dough, poptart popsicles, pop-tart puddings, and even popsicle popsicles.But is there really anything you can do to make a delicious, delicious popsicle at home?Well, there are some ingredients you can actually make in your own kitchen.Here

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Which Disney Characters Are You Really Into?

We can’t really blame you if you’re stuck in the middle of your summer vacation wondering what your favorite Disney characters are.The world of film and TV has evolved dramatically in the past few decades, and we’re still learning about how the entertainment industry operates, so it’s always a good

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