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You’re not going to like Boba, But You’re Going to Love It

I think we’re all going to be surprised at how many people are going to try out Boba.And that’s what makes it so appealing.There’s no hype, no gimmicks.There is a solid product, and Boba’s marketing strategy has always been to sell a solid experience.I think it’s the only brand that

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Why is there a Korean pop candy?

Korean pop candies are becoming more and more popular in the U.S. and the rest of the world.These products come in different flavors and shapes to suit the tastes of the consumer.However, when you try to eat one, it will leave you craving more.It is said that in Korea, people

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Wal-Mart opens new pop-up pop-in shop in Walmart parking lot

A new pop up pop-out pop-inshop is opening this week at Walmart parking lots in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.The pop up shop will be open from 11:30am-2pm Monday through Friday.The store will be at 1065 West Broadway in OklahomaCity.

Dick popsicle and popcorn stick art sells for $8.3 million at Walmart

Walmart has sold Dick popsicles and popcorn sticks at its online store for more than $8 million.Dick popsicle popsicles, a classic snack, and popcorn are made from a variety of ingredients.The store says Dick pops, which are made with a thick, crunchy base, are made in the United States, but

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